New Nicknames For Thai International Students


It is common for Thai students to have nicknames such as Porn, Pee and Poo but in the country of New Zealand there are agencies that advices these international students to adapt new nicknames that are more culturally accepted. In Thai culture, it is common for children to have nicknames which are devised by their … [Read more…]

Home Maintenance Tips Before Winter Comes

A House after winter storm. Big snowbanks and snow covered firs in front of the house

The weather is still warm but it makes sense to start with home maintenance before the onset of winter. Experts have provided several tips to homeowners to ensure that the home is in good shape before the rough weather. Keeping the exterior in tip top shape Check the home’s foundation for cracks; seal them properly … [Read more…]

Lao Cai Airport And The Plans For It

Lao Cai Airport And The Plans For It

The Ministry of Transport in Vietnam is set to revise the blueprints for the project to start a new airport in the Lao Cai province. This move was initiated in order for the airport to support bigger aircrafts or planes than what was originally planned. The need to modify the airport project plans According to … [Read more…]

Sell Your Home Faster With Pop-up Furniture

Sell Your Home Faster With Pop-up Furniture

The family of Philipp Reichardt was looking for a new home in one of the suburbs in San Francisco – Brisbane, California. They have toured and visited numerous houses already when they were taken to a house that was staged in the most beautiful way. The staging was so perfect that Reichardt was able to … [Read more…]

Effect Of Brexit On Real Estate

Effect Of Brexit On Real Estate

It has been news all over the world when the result for the vote regarding the decision of the United Kingdom to leave or stay as part of the European Union has been released. The reactions were by far ranging from maximum point of views. To say that the people are surprised by the result … [Read more…]

Want To Get Hired Fast? Follow These Effective Tips

Job applicants having interview

If you’re job hunting efforts haven’t bore fruit yet it is highly likely that you aren’t doing enough. Now that the world is in the digital age, the so-called age of information, job opportunities are now only a click away. There are plenty of employment opportunities out there for you to find. The problem is … [Read more…]

Reasons Why: Hiring A Plumber

There is without a doubt that the plumbing is one of the most valuable and significant assets of a house. Through your plumbing system, you would be able to direct water throughout your house, water which you can use to drink, bathe and wash. The plumbing system is also responsible for waste disposal. In fact, … [Read more…]