Thailand On Track To Meet Visitors Targets


The tourism industry of Thailand is expected to surpass the $68.57 billion target for 2016 thanks to the programs like visa free waivers and measures assuring tourists of high-quality experiences. Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, the Minister of Tourism and Sports, said that during the past years, they have seen a solid growth in terms of the … [Read more…]

Partnership Of Fortis And Northridge Capital


Northridge Capital recently made an announcement regarding its new partner The FORTIS Companies which is a local developer. The two companies are working on two boutique condominium projects that will be launching soon in the vibrant center of Washington D.C. Once the projects are done, the two companies – FORTIS and Northridge Capital – will … [Read more…]

Where To Get Car Insurance Information

There are different ways to get your needed information about มิสเตอร์ประกัน and other car insurance companies operating nowadays. Some of the popular ways to obtain the right information include the following: The worldwide web The internet holds countless information. It can offer relevant information whenever and wherever you need it. Car insurance companies are no … [Read more…]

Reasons For Reading Quotes By Bob Marley


Bob Marley is a Jamaican singer-songwriter who remains to be famous for his words of inspiration. People of all ages and race continue to be mesmerized with his poignant and lyrical songs that touch the heart of the listener. If you want to read quotes by Bob Marley, you do not have to look anywhere … [Read more…]

How An Event Planner Started In The Business


Lucy Henglefelt is the owner as well as the lead designer in Redefined Designs & Events, a company that specializes in wedding and event production. The company is based in Sioux Falls wherein Henglefelt is a native. She attended the local Lincoln National High School. After which she decided to get her bachelor’s degree in … [Read more…]

Wedding Costs Soar In Victoria


Putting a value on weddings is as unpleasant as putting a value on love.  The moment any bride takes her steps down the aisle is priceless. However, the cold and hard reality is that after weddings, a lot of Australian couples go into debt. The couple still bears the biggest part of the costs even … [Read more…]

The Pros And Cons Of Complete Juice Detox Programs


Complete juice detox programs have been the subject of debates among nutritionists, well care experts and personal trainers. Bottled greens and cold-pressed juices are readily available at supermarkets and coffee chains because the health fad is the current trend particularly with the endorsements of several celebrities. Over the years, the juicing trend has become a … [Read more…]

New Nicknames For Thai International Students


It is common for Thai students to have nicknames such as Porn, Pee and Poo but in the country of New Zealand there are agencies that advices these international students to adapt new nicknames that are more culturally accepted. In Thai culture, it is common for children to have nicknames which are devised by their … [Read more…]

Home Maintenance Tips Before Winter Comes

A House after winter storm. Big snowbanks and snow covered firs in front of the house

The weather is still warm but it makes sense to start with home maintenance before the onset of winter. Experts have provided several tips to homeowners to ensure that the home is in good shape before the rough weather. Keeping the exterior in tip top shape Check the home’s foundation for cracks; seal them properly … [Read more…]

Lao Cai Airport And The Plans For It

Lao Cai Airport And The Plans For It

The Ministry of Transport in Vietnam is set to revise the blueprints for the project to start a new airport in the Lao Cai province. This move was initiated in order for the airport to support bigger aircrafts or planes than what was originally planned. The need to modify the airport project plans According to … [Read more…]

Sell Your Home Faster With Pop-up Furniture

Sell Your Home Faster With Pop-up Furniture

The family of Philipp Reichardt was looking for a new home in one of the suburbs in San Francisco – Brisbane, California. They have toured and visited numerous houses already when they were taken to a house that was staged in the most beautiful way. The staging was so perfect that Reichardt was able to … [Read more…]