2-Year Old Girl Dies After Drowning In A Pool In Coto De Caza

Swimming pools offer enjoyment and fun to people especially this summer when everyone is looking for a way to enjoy the heat. From backyard pools to infinity pools, all of them provide the same refreshment and excitement. But there are also times when swimming pools are not all about the fun. When people become careless and ignore the safety aspect of swimming pools, that’s when things become awry.
Such was the case when a 2-year old girl was found unconscious inside a backyard pool by her mother on an early Monday night.

The one to respond to the possible drowning report was the Orange County Fire Authority as well as the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.
According to the OCFA Captain, Steve Concialdi, the mother of the girl, identified as Lucia Ulrich, was reportedly walking outside when she found her daughter inside the pool, still fully clothed, and not breathing.

He says that when the mother found her daughter, she began yelling for help and that was when a neighbor heard her, coming over and performing CPR on the girl.
The girl was taken to Mission Hospital located in Mission Viejo by the paramedics of the OFCA. An hour later, an emergency doctor had pronounced her as dead.
Authorities say that the reason for the girl’s untimely demise is that the pool had no fence, making it easily accessible to kids.

For Capt. Concialdi, fences are what save millions of children from drowning. He says that children are naturally curious and the only way to protect them from harm is by putting barriers in the pool.

This was not the only drowning case that the OCFA had responded to. According to them, just two days before, they had also helped saved the life of a Placentia girl who was 17-months old from nearly drowning because she was left unsupervised in a family gathering.

Another case was when a 20-month old boy was found by his 7-year old sister unresponsive in the Cowan Heights area. She says that the boy had wandered through the sliding glass door and went to the backyard pool.
All in all, there are currently 8 cases of drowning in the Orange County for this year.