4 Important Details To Provide To The Wedding Catering In Sydney

In order for the food to be successful on your wedding day, you need to plan and prepare for it together with the wedding catering in Sydney who will provide the dishes for you. It is important for you to communicate with the service provider way ahead of your wedding so for the necessary preparations to be made. This is particularly important if you are planning to invite a good number of guests and you want an extensive menu on your wedding. Here are some important details to that you should give to your caterer.

The date of your wedding

This is a primary and important detail. This is even the first questions caterers would want to know the moment you contact them. In order to provide the catering service ample to prepare for your menu, it would be best to contact them ahead or at least a few months prior to your wedding. This is important if you would be hiring an in demand wedding catering in Sydney especially if your wedding date is on a wedding season such as June or February.

The number of guests

This is also an important detail as this would be one of the bases of the catering company in pricing the food. Some catering companies would ask your budget for the food and they would adjust or provide menu recommendations based on your budget. If you have more guests, consider choosing tasty yet simpler dishes to cut the costs.

The menu

Check the food caterer’s menu which can be found on their website. It is also important to relay your chosen menu to the caterer as early as possible in order for them to do the necessary preparations especially if you have chosen season dishes.

Special requests

If you have special requests such as you want your dishes to be strictly vegan or for them to be dairy-free or other considerations, inform the wedding catering in Sydney right away and see if they can accommodate your special request. Inform the caterer of your specifications and how you want your food to be in order for your wedding to be even more successful.