4 Must-Do When Hiring An Electrician On The Gold Coast

You can find an electrician on the Gold Coast easily but you can never be sure on how good he is when it comes to delivering service unless you finally see the result of his job. However, that is not always the case because there are ways for you to get an idea on the reliability of the electrician. Here are some ideas how.

License and credentials

The first thing that you should ask is whether or not the contractor is licensed. If he is, find out if it is valid and if he can work on the Gold Coast. A valid license will guarantee that the contractor has gone through the right trainings and certifications to perform the task. You can validate the information from the local building office on the Gold Coast. A license will also guarantee that the electrician passed the qualifying examination to obtain the license. It is also an advantage if the electrician is a member of accredited organization in your area.


With the right insurance, you are guaranteed that in the event that an untoward incident involving the electrician on the Gold Coast happens in your premises, the damage will be duly compensated and you will not shoulder the expenses. Two of the must-have insurances that a contractor should be equipped with are worker’s compensation and liability insurances.

Character references

Before hiring a contractor, ask the contractor if he can provide a character reference that you can call such as his former customers. Find out if his previous customers would recommend him and if they were satisfied with his services and professionalism. This is important if you have major electrical jobs for the electrician and if he will work longer in your premises. Find out if the electrician is punctual and reliable.

Ask for cost estimate

Request for cost estimates from at least three service providers in order to hire the right electrician on the Gold Coast area or in areas near you. This will give you an idea on the average costs for the project and how much you are you going to budget for it.