A New Website For Parents Looking For Home Tutors In Singapore Launches

For parents looking for a home tutor in Singapore, finding a tutor online is easy; a lot of tutors are advertising their services on the internet. The issue then, is finding a tutor well-suited for their needs.

The Yodaa site was founded and launched sometime in July last year. The site is designed to give light to the tutors advertising on the internet in Singapore, since the online model means that the quality of the tutor advertising isn’t revealed. The Yodaa site is aimed to give students, as well as parents, a single place to search for tutors who have been verified, and have been given positive reviews by prior customers.

Samuel Huang, the one who created the site, developed it after he spoke to some parents in the country, and learned that a great many of them are heavily reliant on positive word of mouth to find a home tutor in Singapore for their children’s needs.  Huang decided to work on the site in order to remedy that problem, and, as a result, the site, Yodaa was born and subsequently launched last year, and has been steadily gaining popularity throughout the country. The site’s name is a reference to the Star Wars character, Yoda, who famously played a mentor role throughout the films. Additionally, the site’s name is a play on the word ‘yada’, which, in Hebrew means, to know.

Mr. Huang has stated that the problem, wherein parents were reliant on forums or friends and colleagues to point them towards the right home tutor. Huang, a graduate from the National University of Singapore with a degree in business and finance, decided to find out if he and his team could bring that to a single place for a one-stop solution for parents.

The site offers its services from Primary 1 up to the junior college level, and works alongside its tutors, who can handle a range of subjects, including, but not limited to Chinese Literature and Design and Technology.

The site offers its tuition services to parents, who log into the site, who can then provide a description of their child’s needs, including the schedule and the subject to be tutored, as well as the school they go to, wherein after 24 hours, the parents will then receive five quotes from tutors’ made specifically for them and their needs.

The site now has around 100 parents visiting the site monthly, with over 3,000 tutors part of their database.