What causes fog?

When is fog more likely to occur?

What places are usually enveloped in fog?

These are questions that can be answered by Fog Facts.

It is very likely that you have seen and experienced fog. You are driving in the highway when suddenly; you cannot see the other cars. It is very scary particularly since moisture is collecting in your windshield making it more difficult to see the road. The important thing is to be familiar with the facts about fog so that you can avoid this weather phenomenon.

The objective of Fog Facts is to provide you with some extra information and knowledge about fog including when and where it will likely occur.

• Fog frequently occurs during early morning or evening when the temperature is at its lowest. There are areas where fog will likely accumulate like certain seaside areas and low-lying areas near lakes and rivers.

• Fog has the ability to form suddenly and disappear just as quickly. It usually forms when the relative humidity reaches 100% at ground level.

• This weather phenomenon is typically thicker in low places where heavy air flows downwards. It can also form over snow-covered ground as warmer air moves in.

• Fog reduces visibility which can be dangerous for driving. It is suggested to drive slowly with the headlights on.

• Fog usually evaporates after sunrise as the sun warms the fog from the top down. Thick fog will be difficult to dissipate.

• There are different kinds of fogs: sea fog, radiation fog, ground fog, advection fog, evaporation fog, precipitation fog, ice fog, valley fog, freezing fog and artificial fog.

Other pertinent information about fog is provided by Fog Facts including interesting articles about the weather. Fog Facts want to enhance people awareness of the environment and how they will deal with strange weather phenomenon.

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Patricia D Camacho

Patricia Camacho