A List Of Some Of The Important Components Of A Boiler

A boiler is an essential feature in homes and offices to provide a warm and comfortable environment inside, during the chilly winter months. Boilers heat water between 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Some boilers heat water up to a maximum of 212 degrees centigrade. Beyond this temperature water turns to steam. The boiler then uses this steam and hot water to provide heat to your home or office.

There are some important components of a boiler, like burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, exhaust stack and control, which are necessary to keep the boiler functioning at optimum capacity. Here is a list of some of the main components of a boiler and their functions

  • Burner is the most important and essential part of a boiler. The burners provide the necessary heat to the boiler to heat the water. Burners function using fuels like gas or oil.
  • The heatexchanger uses the heat produced by the burners, to heat the water in the boiler. It is a medium that transfers the heat from the burners to the water inside the boiler.
  • Supply lines are used to pipe the heated water to the distribution points. The quality and intensity of heating depends upon the number of delivery points in each room.
  • The return lines carry the cool water back go the burner for reheating.
  • The Firebox is the meeting space of fuel and air in the system. This meeting creates a bright flame.
  • Refractory materials are used to fill-in the gaps around the Firebox. This material helps in limiting the fire to the Firefox.
  • Circulatory pumps are responsible for pumping the water from the boiler into the supply lines and the heat distributors in the home.
  • Condenser tanks are used in steam based boiler systems to condense the steam and turn it in to water for reheating.
  • Economizers are used to increase the efficiency of boilers. It is placed in the exhaust of a boiler.
  • The boiler controls help to operate the boilers in a regulated and safe manner. These controls are used to control the combustion process and regulate the fuel according to the demand. Main operating control helps in monitoring the temperature or pressure of hot water and steam.

These key and important components of a boiler determine its efficiency in heating your office or home. It is necessary to maintain your boilers carefully and get all the key parts serviced before the start of winters to enable your boilers to function at their optimum capacity.