A New Boiler That Could Save Homeowners’ Bills By 500 Pounds

Boilers are the equipments that do the heating and creation of domestic hot water in different industrial, commercial, educational and institutional facilities. The term boiler for the equipment can be very misleading because in most applications, the boiler does not even boil fluids at more than 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gas boiler
In a report, there has been a recently developed boiler that could slash the bills at home which is made possible by turning the homes into small power stations. The gas boiler is designed by a firm based in the United Kingdom. This type of boiler provides hot water and heating to homes while at the same time fueling electricity generator in order to power household appliances.
The maker of the new technology claimed that it can make electricity bills cheaper and that the time will come when conventional power stations will be closed and instead gas boilers will be used.

The creator
The company that created the new boiler is Flow Energy. The company released in a statement that the boilers will be available to the public early next year without the homeowners having to pay the entire amount of the machine upfront. The company will be paid over the term of five years through a monthly amortization. This will be in a form of supplement on bills. It is important to keep in mind that this supplement should be cancelled with the savings that households enjoy on their power consumption.

This would necessary mean that energy bills will not be cheap in the beginning of the five years but after the five year contract, household consumers will see the significant savings with the use of the boilers.

The household owners will be using some of the electricity themselves while the excess energy can be realigned to the National Grid. Flow Energy claims that households will eventually save at least 500 pounds a year with the combinations of lowered bills on electricity and in selling excess energy to power companies.
In the event that the homeowner will agree to split the benefit, the company will still continue to provide warranty to the generator.