A Very Brief History Of Floor Coverings

Rugs, mats and carpets for have been for centuries as floor coverings. However, the carpets in the home or office do not only improve aesthetics because they are a reflection of your personality. In the office, the carpet when embroidered with the company logo or message makes consumers more aware of the business. Carpets and other floor coverings adds beauty to a home or office but is should always be cleaned to look good as new.

In the past, animal skins were used to cover floors until the Mongolians discovered that they can weave rugs. The Persians refined the art of weaving rugs and eventually their Persian carpets gained significant popularity. In 1949, Sergei Rudenko, a Russian archaeologist excavated a rug in the Paryzyk Valley of Siberia which was believed to have originated from the 5th century BC. The discovery rekindled the interest on the origin of rugs.

Floor coverings like carpets and rugs offer other benefits aside from aesthetics. When carpets are used to cover floors, traction is provided to prevent slips and falls. Mats which are used in bathrooms provide a smooth but non-slippery surface. They help absorb water to keep the room relatively dry. To increase the grip on the wet floors of the bathroom, the mats have sisal lining underneath.

Carpets, rugs and mats are usually made from tough and highly durable materials like coir, from palm fibres and stalks, nylon, latex and expensive fabrics like silk and wool. Coir is a type of loose fibre that is obtained from the leathery external shell of a coconut fruit. Most oriental rugs are made from silk but they are very costly and require high maintenance. When the carpet is made from silk, it must be cleaned using a soft brush, water and detergent suggested by the manufacturer.

If you have a silk carpet, a better is option is to have it cleaned through carpet cleaning in Perth that knows the proper ways to maintain the beauty of the costly carpet. Professionals know the proper ways of cleaning different materials that are used in the production of carpets particularly silk which cannot be steam cleaned.