Afghan Angry Mob Beats And Burns Woman Death

Kabul, Afghanistan- The streets of the Afghan capital saw grieving women carrying a coffin on their shoulders. The body inside the coffin was from a beaten and burnt pious Quran believing woman. She was Farkhunda, 27 years old and was a devoted teacher to Quran, imparting the holy book’s teachings to children.

Days earlier, a group of male attackers brutally beat and kicked the 27 year old before tossing her body in a bridge, setting flames on her and then eventually throwing her in a river.

There were reports that suggested that the woman was mentally ill. But her father recounted otherwise. He told CNN that she was a religious teacher of Quran to the new generation. Her daughter was accused of burning the holy pages of Quran. The father would disagree to this.

The brutal killing led into the arrest of 26 people as confirmed by the Interior Minister of Afghanistan.
The motive

The parents of Farkhunda said that the brutal killing was initiated by a local mullah. The mullah from the Shah-e-Do Shamshera Mosque in the city proper was angered by the girl’s accusation that he was distributing to people false or twisted Tawiz.

Tawiz are tiny pieces of paper that contain verses taken from the Quran. Muslims sometimes wear these as pendants in order to ward off evil and give the bearer good luck.

The Afghan local news reported that in order for the mullah to save his life and his job, he began stirring the crowd shouting false accusations that Farkhunda burned the Quran. Moments after the mullah’s cries, Farkhunda was dragged into the streets and beaten by an angry mob. Witnesses said that they tried to stop the attackers from kicking and beating the poor girl and ask her what her religion was. However, the angry attackers did not heed their call and continued to beat her instead.

The Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs gave a statement that they found no evidence that the girl burned the Quran. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani immediately condemned the killing. He ordered a commission to thoroughly investigate the matter and bring justice at once.