Alberta Artist’s Photograph Project On Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the world’s most popular crowd-funding website, known for allowing aspiring creative minds the chance to receive funding for their prospective projects, the site has allowed a number of artistic individuals and companies to host their projects for the chance to make it a reality. The site, despite the negative stereotype against it, has allowed for great creativity to flourish independently. Kickstarter has been host to several big names across multiple medias such as anime; FUNimation’s The Vision of Escaflowne, video games; Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity, and, of course, more traditional art such as NADA’s collaboration project with the site.

Noticing this, Sandy Ennis, a local Alberta artist, has decided to start a project on the site, dubbed The Acreage – Our Piece of Paradise on the site. The project is her tribute to her farm life amidst the Albertan prairies.  She states that she had dreamt of living the simple, sustainable living, a dream made real when she and her husband purchased three acres of prairie land five years ago. The project is, in effect, a quinquennial anniversary project by the artist in celebration. It is simple self-expression in art, turned towards helping an artist fund further pursuits.

The project is available as a series of canvas prints, clocking in at 8″ by 12″ by 3/4″. The photos are, as of this moment, unavailable as large canvas prints, relegated to the aforementioned size.  The endgame of the project is to create a platform for local artists in the region to share their own creation, with the final vision being a website where creative people from the area are able to sell their creations online.

The collection; The Acreage – Our Piece of Paradise is located on its project page at Kickstarter, and has pledge levels of $10 and $ 75. The $10 is for those who simply wish to contribute to an artistic endeavor whilst the $75 pledge earns additional bonuses such as their own limited edition canvas print, with the option of selecting from six different versions:

  • Regal Rusty
  • Snowy Mystery
  • Sunflower Energy
  • Hidden Rainbow
  • Rock Garden

Time will tell if Ennis plans to release them as large canvas prints. Nevertheless, what the project represents and aims to achieve is a good sign for independent artists everywhere.