Amazon To Enter Wedding Industry With The Wedding Shop

Time changes all things, weddings included. With weddings now reaching more extravagant levels of grandeur, or finding more and more ways to make themselves special, weddings now have an industry designed to cater for the needs of brides and grooms everywhere; a wedding planner in Sydney is easy to find, and so is a wedding package for hotels in tourist hotspots and the like.

So it is that the internet titan Amazon has decided to make its own foray into the $300 B wedding industry recently, after it announced its online wedding planning app, which it dubbed The Wedding Shop.

The Wedding Shop, will be set as part of Amazon Handmade, and is the company’s answer to Etsy Inc., which specializes in the online sale of handmade or vintage items. Katie Harnetiaux of Amazon Handmade, stated that, with customers going to Amazon for a number of purposes, it’s a logical move to ensure that their products work as well as possible with one another by bringing them under one umbrella. According to her, the Handmade Wedding Shop is aimed for the more savvy couples, looking for unique, custom products for their special wedding.

She adds that the Handmade Wedding Shop allows customers to peruse and purchase products from local artisans, all whilst enjoying the services of Amazon Handmade.

Popular items on the selection include wedding invitations, decor, accessories for the bride and groom such as veils, ties, and jewellery. The recent revamp to Amazon’s gift registry will also be integratedfor further customer convenience.

This move from Amazon is set to challenge Etsy, putting their investors on watch. A considerable amount of sellers on Etsy decided not to add their items on Amazon Handmade due to complaints regarding items, which were said to be mimicked and sold at a lower cost on Amazon. The introduction of the new Wedding Shop would cause a shift in the market that would lead to sellers widening their target demographic.

The Wedding Shop’s introduction is aimed at making it easy for couples to go through the steps of their wedding more conveniently, as per the booming wedding industry that led to the prevalence of people in the industry, like a wedding planner in Sydney, or anywhere in the world, have been aimed at making the wedding process easier for the couples.