An Acid-Etched Decorative Glass For Various Applications

Cornwall Glass has recently announced the launching of Opaletch, an acid etched decorative float glass that can be used for home interiors and exteriors. Opaletch is processed and stored in the same way as ordinary float glass. It can also be drilled, cut and toughened like standard float glass without requiring any special adaptations.

Because of these attributes, Opaletch can be used for a wide range of applications in the home from splashbacks, shelving and shower screens to partitions, balustrades, external glazing and cladding. Opaletch has also opened a diverse range of high margin sales opportunities for Cornwall Glass.

Because of the flexibility of Opaletch as a decorative finish, it has become suitable for a wide variety of installations and applications. The difference between Opaletch and standard glass can easily be perceived by an end-user. Opaltech can be sold as a premium, high margin platform because the value that it delivers is immediately perceptible.

Because of its various applications as balustrades, cladding and office partitioning as well as vertical and horizontal panels, Opaletch has extended its reach to the construction and architectural industries that are aimed at customers who want something different.

Customers can choose from 12 different patented designs that include satin, diagonal, offset, hatched, over-lapping and Opaletch lines, dots, ovals, pills, waves and overlapping waves. There is a also a variety of thicknesses available but the most generally requested is 4mm and 10mm. Other thicknesses are available upon request.

The acid-etching process is applied to single sides but Opaletch can also be manufactured with dual-sided finish, light translucence and finish required depending on the application. The handling and processing is similar to standard glass but the opportunities for built-in margin are a different league. The incredible capacity and capabilities of Opaletch has not yet been realized by other glass processors that have the same infrastructure.

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