Apps To Get That Passion For Fashion Going

The days of fabric scrap leftovers and paper patterns are non-existent. Now, aspiring fashion designers have sophisticated computer programs and high-performance devices.

PCWorld lists down five applications that assist stylists with viewing, designing and creating fashion collection with the use of computer nodes, not needles.

C-DESIGN Fashion

Famous brands like Zara, Maje and Jacadi Paris all make use of C-DESIGN Fashion software to build their models. This supports fashion specialists in the design life cycle. Users are able to create some technical files and share these with the subcontractors for a collaborative approach. Special features, such as dynamic colours and fabrics simulation, assist in making more precise production results.

DrawAndWear for Windows

This is a famous application that allows budding designers to create every type of clothing item, from dresses to t-shirts. Users are able to mix and match certain styles to build a complete collection. They can also create mannequins to display new creations. This app also secures designers a fan base through Facebook sharing via the app.

EFI/Optitex O/Sel

It usually takes years for a hand drawn sketch to become a complete fashion collection. EFI/Optitex O/Sel promises to change this through the use of 3D in order to develop and build fashion designs. A garment’s 360-degree views are created with the use of photo-realistic rendering and zoom. Users can upload and share their collections to get feedback prior to investing in physical prototypes.

Adobe Illustrator

Whether it is about filling the fashion design portfolio or sharing images with a merchandiser, Illustrator is the best tool when building a garment flat. Brushes, colours and images are accessible for building those clothing designs. Taking an Illustrator training can further one’s know-how on this application, too. This is also a cloud based solution, and teams are able to collaborate through mobile and desktop devices.

Instagram and Pinterest

These allow aspiring designers to follow the feeds of fashion and style portals, to discover inspiring ideas or outfits and to create a brand name recognition through curated online profiles. Thus, these everyday platforms should be taken to consideration by aspiring fashion designers and stylists.