Are Cards Taking Over The World Of Web Design?

This may just be a simple question that web site designers have an easy answer for: YES. The card design has become so popular all over the Internet that no matter where you go, you will see cards everywhere. The success of these rectangular cards has made it sort of a default option for web builders as cards are a great design framework when people want their contents organized. This would often include the images, the headline, call-to-action buttons and the main text plane.

Cards are not only effective in organization; they also provide clarity on websites that would extend beyond any type of device that the website is being accessed from.

The Card design was first introduced and made popular by Pinterest, a known image-sharing site and since then it has been adapted by other major networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to understand cards more clearly, then the best way to do so is to think of them as individuals. No card is ever the same. Each card contains different contents, different concepts and ideas.

In the container style, you may encounter a variety of card types. The first one is Pins which were made to copy the elements of the card design in Pinterest. Pins were really popular for a time and almost every website has them but soon, the lack of uniqueness led to its stagnation.

The next card type that you may encounter is the Metro and Flat designs. This is primarily used by Microsoft and characterized by its metro typography and “flat” design.

The next type is the Grid or Masonry. This is characterized by a framework with a strict grid, efficient spacing and sometimes perfectly connected blocks in the layout.

The last type of Cards that you may encounter in the container style is the Magazine style. This style is mainly used by news and magazine sites but it is also used by portfolios and blog sites.

Aside from the container style, cards are also present within the mobile or responsive web design and the same with container style, cards are easy on the eyes, making it an all-time favorite.