Bathrooms Closed At Stroudsburg High School Due To Vandalism

Bathrooms are a place for personal hygiene. They should be cared for at all times beginning from the toilets to the mirrors and even the bathroom tiles. Bathrooms should always be well-maintained because they are the place that people go to whenever Mother Nature decides to call. Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened at Stroudsburg High School.

At Stroudsburg High School, the officials there were forced to close some of their bathrooms because of the rampant vandalism that are happening inside. According to an email sent by the superintendent of the district, John Toleno, on Wednesday, the bathrooms of Stroudsburg High have been subjected to explicit graffiti. Because of this, the school had to conduct a proactive measure to fix the problem and this measure was in the form of the bathrooms’ closure.

He says that the remaining bathrooms that are still available for use by the students are currently being monitored by cameras. This strategy was utilized so that they will be allowed to monitor the bathrooms in case is being damaged and so that they may be able to identify the culprit(s) responsible for the vandalism.
Superintendent Toleno also said that there will be a prosecution in the case that the culprits are caught and apprehended.

Currently, there are still bathrooms that are open for use by the students but there are only a limited number of options for these open bathrooms.
When the superintendent was asked for a sample of the graffiti in the bathrooms, he said that the graffiti is not suitable for publication.

According to a high school senior student, Alex Reincek, the two sets of the bathrooms that have remained open for use are located in the first and second floors. He confirmed that there were writings in the stalls and toilet dispensers in the boys’ bathrooms but he could not determine anything from the girls’ bathrooms. He also said that some of the writings that were inked on the wall were personal attacks to other people.

Alex says that he understands the measures done by the school but that it ‘sucks’ because everyone is being punished. He also hopes that the culprits are caught soon.