Benefits Of Talk Therapy To Menopausal Women

Women who are struggling with menopause are using herbal alternatives such as Synetrim slim but for those who are having problems with sleeping alone, a simple therapy might help. A new study shows that cognitive behavioural therapy has proven to be an effective method in boosting the sleeping habits of middle aged women that are experiencing hot flashes due to menopause.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a popular method used in treating behavioral issues. This is a short-term treatment method that aids people in realizing that there is a correlation between actions, beliefs, subsequent behavior patterns, feelings and thoughts. According to Katherine Guthrie who is a study leader, CBT-I is the CBT for insomnia and designed to improve one’s sleeping behavior.

According to studies conducted by Guthrie with her colleagues, CBT is more effective compared to either medication or exercise.

Sleeps problems are often seen in women before their menopause stage, during and after. It also affects women who do not have insomnia because they wake up in the middle of their sleep and fails to go back to sleep right away.

As published in the Sleep journal, researchers conducted a study of over 500 participating women that are either in their menopausal stage of postmenopausal. Their age ranges between 40 and 72 years old. They came from various locations including Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Indianapolis and Oakland. All of the participants are experiencing troubles with sleep and hot flashes.

They were tasked to keep a sleep diary and they have six phone sessions with a sleep coach scattered over eight weeks. They were recipient of personalized advices and tools to help them change their sleeping routine.

The different interventions which include CBT, medication for nerve pain, antidepressant drug, hormone therapy, daily omega-3 and aerobic exercise are then compared. Result showed that their Insomnia Severity Index was greatly reduced by CBT in comparison to other methods employed. Guthrie said that aside from taking supplements such as Synetrim slim, women who are suffering from insomnia as well as hot flashes due to menopause should try the CBT treatment since it is only a short course.