Brain To Mess Up Weight Loss Goals

The new year is drawing closer, and this means the a lot of people are straightening out their diets – but, many will fail. Why are dieters constantly failing at shedding those pounds and keeping them from coming back?

An evolutionary history influencing weight loss

A recent model shows that is not because of willpower or people’s conscious minds, but something that is much deeper in the evolutionary history.

Many people that lost weight will regain it ultimately – a few times with interest. However, this doesn’t say the actual reason about why the bodies want to regain the excess weight, as well as the health risks which come with it. In terms of the body’s response to be understandable, there needs to be a slight importance to excess fat which explains prospective issues with being overweight.

This is where the argument of evolution comes in. As humans evolved, they weren’t always able to rely on a continuous supply of food, compared to today when the problem involves food being everywhere and the trouble is moderation. The subconscious brains, which were optimized to handle threats of shortages and famines, are unaware that a fast food chain is just nearby.

The British researchers from the University of Bristol and the University of Exeter devised a mathematical model in order to better comprehend how an animal is going to respond to any sudden or unpredictable food shortage. They discovered that the animals that experience unexpected shortages should binge when food supplies return to normal, if they intend to survive. This is because they can’t ensure the future food supplies.

Excess fat can be the sole factor that allows animals to outlive the next famine, and an animal in the wild will burn that additional stored energy fast. However, a dieting human handles a self-imposed food shortage, so the evolutionary directive of the brain to gain additional weight is not a good strategy.

On and off diets are particularly bad, since they convince the brain about shortages being common, which create the urge to eat to prepare for that next big famine.

In sum, this is where an HCG supplement is beneficial because the body has been retuned already to take its energy from the excess fat. This means that the HCG diet will allow one to keep his or her weight loss after the diet ended.