Bride Overcame Phobia With Dentist And Went For Surgery

Mavis Nelson-Chapman, a bride who used to have a phobia when it comes to dental check up decided to conquer her fear. She came to a point where she was so scared of the dentist that she decided to just glue a piece of her tooth that was chipped off. She was able to eventually overcome her fear and she decided to undergo a cosmetic operation that will cost her about £25,000 in preparation for her wedding day.

Ms. Mavis is 47 years old and a resident of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. While she was on her vacation, a part of her front teeth cracked and was chipped off. Instead of going to the dentist, she decided to take matters into her own hand and repaired the broken tooth using a DIY technique.

After saying yes to the marriage proposal made by her partner, Stephen, she also made the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure. She is willing to pay the expensive fee just as long as she gets the best set of teeth.

According to Mavis, she was only a small child when her trauma of going to the dentist started. She was forced to a traumatic experience that haunted her with so much agony until she decided to get married.

She set her heart on having the best smile for her big day thus she decided to sign up for the surgery.

She have been with her partner for 18 years already and he decided to ask for her hand in marriage after finding out that he is with cancer. This is the reason why the wedding day is extra special for her.

She explained that she doesn’t want to think about her teeth during her wedding day thus she decided to have it repaired in order for her teeth to look nice on that day.

The wedding was also very important to the two of them after finding out about the illness that is Stephen is suffering from. The significance of the occasion was further increased by the photos and videos that were taken during the wedding. Due to her determination, she is no longer scared of the dentist!