BTS Saphan Taksin Expansion Given The Green Light

  • For those looking to commute or get a new single house Sathon, the BTS SaphanTaksin station is a convenient way to get to and from the busy river piers in the area. Now, the SaphanTaksin stretch, the only single-track stretch in the entire BTS system, is set to get an expansion, with a second line for the stretch having been given the green light by the Thai government this early August of 2017.The SaphanTaksin stretch has already received numerous suggestions as to its future, including threats of demolition and the inclusion of a kilometre long moving walkway. Now, it seems that transport officials have finally decided on what to do with the BTS’s sole single-line stretch in existence, deciding to add an additional set of tracks over the Chao Phraya River.This new addition will necessitate the expansion of the BTS station platform, though officials have yet to give any sort of timeframe or schedule for the construction of the project.

    Maj. Gen. JirapatPhumijak released a statement regarding the project, saying that there hasn’t been any concrete schedule on the project, hence why there’s been no word on a date for completion.  He states that all the BTS has made clear for the time being is that they intend to make double tracks for the SaphanTaksin stretch, since the trains need to park and switch tracks.

    The station, found on the eastern end of the Taksin Bridge, standing above the Sathon Pier, hence the name, has been somewhat contentious, due to the single line nature of the stretch resulting in delays across the entire Silom Line.

    The BTS SaphanTaksin, which opened in 1999, was originally intended to be a temporary station, set to be demolished sometime in 2012. The stretch remained due to its popularity with commuters in the area, due to the easy access it provides from the residential areas with single house Sathon, to the boats and ferries in the pier.

    The single-track span is generally believed to be the cause for the 4.5 minute delay in every BTS trip along the Silom Line.