California Generating More Electric Power Than It Can Consume

In California, homeowners are paying more for their electricity even if supply is greater than demand. Since 2008, usage of power has drastically been reduced and yet Californians are paying $6.8 billion more for electricity.

According to the investigations made by L.A. Times, the glut of power in California is big and growing and it is expected that by 2020, the state will be generating at least 21% more power than it can consume. The electricity generated does not include those coming from solar roofs. According to the US Energy Information Administration, a California household is paying 17.97 cents for every kilowatt hour consumed or 40.9% more than the national average of 12.75 cents.

States in New England are also paying high electricity bills but in the West, only Hawaii and Alaska have electricity costs that are more than the average. The California Energy Commission, on the other hand, has responded that while California’s electricity rates are higher than the average, the actual bills are less than the average particularly if compared to other states.

In an interview with CNBC, Michael Ferguson, the director of the US infrastructure energy group at S&P Global Holdings, said that California is moving towards the direction of having a significant surplus in power because of the energy efficient programs that are keeping demand more or less flat compared to other states. Demand has levelled because the state has become more of a service-oriented economy than a manufacturing-oriented economy.

Experts are also showing significant interest on energy storage particularly battery energy storage technology that will have a strong impact on California’s electricity market. Recently, Tesla has launched a battery storage system in Southern California that has the ability to charge during times when demand is low and send power to the electricity grid when demand for power is high. The technology is considered small today but it could reach as high as $75 billion within a decade.

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