3 Tips To Order Personalised Word Art

If you love personalised items, a personalised word art should be your next project. Creating one has never been so easy. You can do it online and you can do it anywhere so long as you have internet connection. There’s no need for you to drive down to a printing shop just to complete the … [Read more…]

The Single Brown Woman As Depicted In Pop Art

The internet was in frenzy after SamyuktaMadhu posted high relatable topics in her wildly coloured pop art works. Samyukta believes that the single brown woman is on a new age of acceptance and equality. People will tell her what she can and what she can’t do but she can always fight for herself. When Samyukta … [Read more…]

Alberta Artist’s Photograph Project On Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the world’s most popular crowd-funding website, known for allowing aspiring creative minds the chance to receive funding for their prospective projects, the site has allowed a number of artistic individuals and companies to host their projects for the chance to make it a reality. The site, despite the negative stereotype against it, has … [Read more…]