Universities Below Average Says Education Ministry

According to the Office of Higher Education Commission, the curriculum of nearly 200 universities did not meet the standards. The agency added that they are going to post on its website the list of the said universities. These are local universities and do not include British international School in Bangkok. SupatChampatong, the secretary general of … [Read more…]

Tips To Select A British International School

Looking for a British international school can be daunting especially if you have not been around Thailand for long and you have not have a lot of friends yet to gather information from. However, you can always refer to the internet to get your much needed information on the matter. You will surely find a … [Read more…]

English Tutoring Centers In US Schools For International Students

Edenya Asgedom from Ethiopia became aware of the Sanger Learning Center at the University of Texas in Austin during the first week of her freshmen year. Sanger offers tutoring, weekly meetings with a peer academic coach, classes and workshops including time management and public speaking to students. During a particularly stressing examination week, learning specialists … [Read more…]

Ongoing Learning For MITA Employees

Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), a public sector agency in Malta that influences the ICT policies, programs and initiatives, got Information Systems Limited to offer Skillsoft’s e-learning programs in Information Technology, Project Management and technical skills for a year to more than 100 of its staff. ISL initially did a three-week pilot program for chosen … [Read more…]

New Nicknames For Thai International Students

It is common for Thai students to have nicknames such as Porn, Pee and Poo but in the country of New Zealand there are agencies that advices these international students to adapt new nicknames that are more culturally accepted. In Thai culture, it is common for children to have nicknames which are devised by their … [Read more…]