Tips For Effective Corporate Team Activities

A corporate team activity goes with specific objectives. Some of these objectives include the improvement of team performance, relationships, communications, renewed commitment and overcoming inter-personal obstacles that affect work performance. To attain these goals, it is important to have an effective facilitator who will help in drawing out the talents, skills and thoughts of participants … [Read more…]

Tourist Spots Set For Clean-Up Following Long Holidays

Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD) is going to assist the local administrative organizations to improve the waste management at four different tourist spots in order to create a sustainable tourism. Clean-up project in Thailand The PCD is going to work with the country’s Tourism Department under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the local … [Read more…]

Which Is Better: Plastic Or Paper Bags?

Every time you make a trip to the grocery store, you always have the option which to use whether plastic or paper. You may wonder which type of bag is more environmental friendly. In order to assess the environmental impacts brought about by these two opposite material is not really that simple. It would require … [Read more…]