A Brief Insight Into The Technology Of Radiant Floor Heating

Underfloor heating or radiant heating which is a type of central heating and cooling is growing in popularity because it is more energy efficient. Radiant floor heating is the ideal alternative to the traditional forced air heating that makes use of heated coils that are installed under the floor to provide warmth. The installation of … [Read more…]

The Real Meaning Of Direct Booking

Many travellers book for accommodation at a leisure hotel directly through a website or an app. However, what exactly is direct booking and how does the current distribution landscape look like for hoteliers? One would think that given so much industry attention, there will be a uniform process of direct booking considering that it is … [Read more…]

Creating Opportunities For Merchandising

Lasiko Limited is start-up that focuses on promotional merchandise, branding, corporate merchandise and brand activation. According to DamilareOgunleye, MD/CEO of Lasiko, there are lots of opportunities in merchandising and young Nigerians can try the challenge of entrepreneurship. Lasiko met lots of frustrations when it was being registered as a company. Four sets of names in … [Read more…]

4 Major Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation practice that focusses on consciousness and the relationship between the mind and body in terms of awareness. The principle behind mindfulness is simple and that is to avoid expected responses or mechanical reactions on usual situations and focus on the present moment instead. There several benefits of mindfulness … [Read more…]


Moving whether locally or internationally has always been a hassle. Your things would be disarrayed and you might even forget where you place them right when you need the items the most. The good news is that there are service providers for Global Relocations that you can turn to when you need to move to … [Read more…]

Muskrats All Around The Ponds

Ponds are what we call those small bodies of water that are enclosed by land. These are formed naturally or may also be man-made by hollowing or embanking. Very small lakes are called “ponds.” Ponds have many uses and many benefits, one of which is that it is usually a good fishing site so it … [Read more…]