Basic Information On Aluminium Extrusion

The method of transforming aluminium alloy into certain objects is called aluminium extrusion and it includes cross-sectional profile for different purposes. The process of extrusion involves combining the different properties of steel which include malleability, density and stiffness. With the combination of the three impressive properties, you get a product that can be casted and … [Read more…]

How Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Works?

Rotary vane pumps are used by many industries such as small and large manufacturers, and by individual craftsmen and designers. They play a role in production and handling of materials at every stage from the formation of raw materials to handling and packaging of finished products. These pumps are crucial to a large number of … [Read more…]

The Real Meaning Of Direct Booking

Many travellers book for accommodation at a leisure hotel directly through a website or an app. However, what exactly is direct booking and how does the current distribution landscape look like for hoteliers? One would think that given so much industry attention, there will be a uniform process of direct booking considering that it is … [Read more…]

Apps To Get That Passion For Fashion Going

The days of fabric scrap leftovers and paper patterns are non-existent. Now, aspiring fashion designers have sophisticated computer programs and high-performance devices. PCWorld lists down five applications that assist stylists with viewing, designing and creating fashion collection with the use of computer nodes, not needles. C-DESIGN Fashion Famous brands like Zara, Maje and Jacadi Paris … [Read more…]