Cosplay: Why Do People Want To Dress Up Like Their Favorite Characters?

Cosplay can be very exciting because people create different interpretations of particular characters. For example, a girl can dress up like Rainbow Dash of the popular show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You cannot always be the human version of Rainbow Dash but you can wear my little pony hooded sweatshirts.

Why do people love cosplay? Cosplayers may have different takes but generally it is for the fun of it. It is a way of indulging the fandom for a particular book, game, TV show or movie by immersing yourself into the character. Anyone who has donned a costume for Halloween will understand how exciting it is to cosplay.

While some cosplayers buy their costumes, those who are more creative can opt to do their creation and customize it. One notable cosplayer, Dust Bunny has gained more than 193,600 likes on her Facebook page by posting regular tutorials and selling signed prints and handmade items in Etsy. Some of her elegant gowns include Pokemon’s Pikachu and Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro.

When people make their own interpretations of characters, there is that aspect of fantasy and escapism. Cosplayers want to play in a world where there are real magic superheroes that save the world. If you want to feel like Wonder Woman, you can actually do so. The environment for cosplays is comfortable because you are going meet people who are also dressed up like you.

On the other hand, cosplayers have also spoken of their struggles against criticism and bullying because they happen to be the wrong size, wrong gender, wrong race and wrong body type for the costume. The whole point to cosplay is fantasy and those who criticize others for not being able to fit the character are missing the point.

After all the criticism and bullying, many cosplayers have actually made a good living from it and at the same time, they are able to realize their fantasy. Sometimes, it is enough to play for your own entertainment and not others. Although it is unreasonable to expect strangers not to look at you when you are dressed in the sexy Wonder Woman costume, you can always choose to be respectful even if people do not want to be.