Cremation A Growing Trend

Kurt Eschbach of Binghamton started working in the funeral industry during the late 1980s. Around this time, between 10 to 13 per cent of the grieving families chose to have cremation for the funeral service. Eschbach is now the owner of the Hopler&Eschbach Funeral home and currently around 60 per cent of the services he is offering is related to cremation including memorial urns.

All over the country, cremation is becoming a trend because of the reduction of traditional burying services offered by funeral homes. The trend is also the same all over the state of New York and the Monroe County.

The state data of Monroe County revealed that half of the bodies that were disposed in 2014 are done by cremation. In 2003, cremation is only 31 per cent of the total body disposed. In more than a dozen years, the rate continues to rise each year except for one.

There are families that were not able to talk about the final wishes of the departed thus, they need time to think about the available options including having a service and their plan for the ashes.

Mark Anthony who is the owner of Anthony Funeral & Cremation Chapels located Monroe County said that there are consequences to the decisions they make. For the case of cremation, the choice is irreversible which means the family can’t change their mind at the end.

Based on the data of the Cremation Association of North America, for 2016 the cremation rate in a national level is more than 59 per cent. it is predicted by the National Funeral Directors Association that in 2030 the cremation rate will be at 71 per cent while the burial rate is expected to decline to 23 per cent.

The changing trend is the reason why funeral homes are also changing. They have to change the services they are offering and focus more on what people wants for the funeral services of their departed loved ones. With the rise of cremation, they stock up more on memorial urns compared to coffins because of the demand. It is inevitable that things change including in the funeral industry.