Destinations In Asia That Have Not Been Exposed To Mass Tourism


There are times when the idea of travelling loses its appeal because everybody back home has the same itinerary. That is especially true for Australians particularly since Asia where you can find many tourist destinations is their next door neighbor. It is virtually impossible to find a destination that is untouched by Australian holidaymakers. Australians can be found all over the beaches of Bali and Boracay and the slopes of Japan in wintertime. Saigon is not spared from Australian travelers because they are virtually everywhere.

However, there are hidden spots in some Asian countries that have not yet been exposed to mass tourism:

  • Krabi in Thailand is a popular choice for a Thailand getaway. Like Phuket, Krabi faces the Andaman Sea. Ko Lanta National Park is a well known diving site. If you are not too fond of scuba diving, there are water activities that include kayaking, bird watching, sailing and snorkeling.
  • Palawan in the Philippines is starting to be discovered by tourists who are looking for a nature lover’s paradise. A week is not enough to explore Palawan because there will always be something that you will miss in the stunning island. However, Coron is a popular dive site while El Nido is ideal for island hopping.
  • Kyoto in Japan with its Buddhist temples hidden in the rolling hills is starting to gain notice from travelers. Although the place has so much to offer in terms of food and shopping, tourists are more drawn to the city’s gardens, imperial palaces, traditional wooden houses and the Shinto shrines.
  • Surabaya is an island in Java. Many tourists have enjoyed Bali but they have started to be fascinated with the blend of modern metropolis and colonial wonders with the island’s Dutch past. There is an Ampel Mosque that dates back to the 15th century with a thriving Chinatown and Arab Quarter.

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