Diamonds Preferred By Chinese

We are now in an age where online shopping is second nature. Almost everything can be bought online including jewelries such as Ben Esse jewelry website. An extensive study was conducted by Alrosa in partnership with GfK, a research firm, which focuses on consumers from Chine and United States. These are diamond buying consumers and both of the countries are proven to prefer purchasing diamond jewelries. Consumers from these countries have future plans of buying diamond jewelry and majority of them are buying for their own use rather than as a present to someone else.

In terms of diamond jewelry, the largest consumer in the market is United States among other countries in the world. China, on the other hand, has the most rapid growth in the market.

The study was done in the previous fall with participants of over 4,000 from both men and women. This group of people came from China and the US. The age bracket is between 25 and 55 years old. The income level of people involved in the study ranges from average to above average. The participants have either purchased or received a gift jewelry made of diamond in the past year.

According to the results, it was proven that consumers still have a growing interest when it comes to buying diamond jewelry. Alrosa said that out of the total number of people who were interviewed, 86 per cent came from Chinese respondents while 59 per cent came from the United States expressed their intention to purchase a minimum of one diamond jewelry in the next 12 months.

People who tend to buy jewelry are loyal consumers and they are also willing to recommend to friends and family if they found a good purchase. The research revealed that 34 per cent of Chinese and 37 per cent of Americans are asked by their friends for opinions when purchasing gifts and they are likely to recommend giving diamond jewelry.

Looking at the average numbers, 44 per cent of consumers from China and 38 per cent from the United States have purchased at least one diamond jewelry in the previous year. For the millennials, stylish jewelries such as those sold at Ben Esse jewelry website are more attractive and fits their style.