Earlham Park Café Asked To Shut Down During The Radio One Big Weekend

Earlham park café which is based in Norwich has received a mandate to shut down during the Radio One Big Weekend and thousands of citizens have come to its aid by signing a petition in support of the business. The managers of the café are Ingrid Henry and Hakan Torunogullari. The couple shared how NPS sent a letter to their business under the orders of Norwich City Council. The said letter contains a mandate for the café to be closed while the city is celebrating that weekend.

The café is normally open an average of 52 weeks every year and they were offered compensation to shut down. The amount is the same as the profit the business gains whenever there is a local bank holiday.

The Radio One Big Weekend is going to be held on 23rd and 24th of May. Around 50,000 tickets were handed out to Norwich citizens all over the country in order for them to witness the event. The weekend will be graced by the presence of celebrities such as Florence and the Machine and Taylor Swift.

The council spokesman revealed the reason for the closing order was because the café was included in the zone which will be cordoned off during the event and it also coincidentally located in the area where the backstage production for the event is going to be. Confirmation was also given regarding reports that the couple are going to receive compensation.

A resident of Bluebell Road, Mrs Henry, said that the Big Weekend is going to be the biggest event she will see since they had the business 14 years ago. She has two kids and currently pregnant with their third child. She expresses how this event means to them and would have traded for a year just for the Big Weekend.

Mrs Henry posted the sad news through his Facebook page and support from hundreds of people came pouring in. It was then that the online petition was started which aims to change the council’s order. She expresses her wish of opening their business on those two days and enjoy the event along with all the people who are going to be there.