Electrician Competition Awards Its First Female Gold Medalists

It was six months ago when Daria Stifel received the highest score in the SkillsUSA competition where she participated. The competition is designed for high school electrician students. Stifel is a graduate of Norwich Technical High School and she recently received the gold medal for her award. She posed to take a picture with the state and national officials of SkillsUSA, her teachers, and her family and friends.

After the pictures were taken, she had to give the medal back.

According to Stifel, an 18 year old from Lebanon, the medal is not hers because it is for the school. She is receiving her own through the mail. Stifel is now a freshman student at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

The SkillsUSA national competition was held in Louisvile, Ky last July for one week. At the conclusion of the contest, Stifel was supposed to receive her gold medal but there was a scoring error that occurred. Instead of getting 80 points in one category, she was awarded only 8 points. She went from being the first in the national ranking to the tenth place. The contest is an initiative made by the national organization with the help of technical schools all over the country in order to promote the technical skills in the future workforce of America.

After reviewing the scorecard, Stifel sent an email to the program director, David Worden. After the email, all the scores in the whole competition were reviewed and it was then that Stifel’s was corrected and she was given the gold medal.

The delay of the medal’s arrival did not affect the celebration held at Norwich Tech because of the achievement that Stifel got. She is the first female electrician student to be awarded with a national gold medal during the SkillsUSA competition. What is more astounding is that she is the only girl contestant who joined the competition in Louisville and there are 60 of them in total.

Competitions such as this are also held in Australia in order to encourage students to be interested in the electrical field, in the hope that there will be more electricians in Bulimba in the future.