English Tutoring Centers In US Schools For International Students

Edenya Asgedom from Ethiopia became aware of the Sanger Learning Center at the University of Texas in Austin during the first week of her freshmen year. Sanger offers tutoring, weekly meetings with a peer academic coach, classes and workshops including time management and public speaking to students. During a particularly stressing examination week, learning specialists help organize every minute of their time including sharing studying techniques for the final exams.

Many of the universities in the United States have centers that provide academic support to students particularly for undergraduate international students. International students who speak English as a second language can take advantage of the on-campus tutoring to improve their English speaking skills.

At the California State University – Chico’s ESL Resource Center, there are multilingual tutors that have background in teaching English and linguistics for students who speak a different language. According to Saundra Wright, a linguistics professor and the center’s director, tutors address all the different areas of language usage like reading, writing, grammar, listening, pronunciation, class presentations and conversations.

Since the tutors have background in linguistics, they can talk about the language on a deeper level. They are equipped to discuss the most challenging areas of the English grammar for the nonnative speakers who are looking at how a first language can influence the acquisition of a second language.

In some universities, conversation partners are available to assist with English verbal communication skills. At the Minnesota State University – Moorhead’s English Language Tutor Program, international students are paired with conversational partners so that they can improve their English-speaking skills particularly pronunciation.

Most international students expect that they can get individualized or group tutoring in a variety of subjects so that they can gain extra practice with their subject-specific English vocabulary. New things take time to get used to and sometimes, you will not know it unless you try it.

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