European Tourists Losing Their Interest To Travel To The US After The Travel Ban

After the highly controversial executive order on immigration was signed by US President Trump last January, tourists lost their interest to visit America. Based on the report of Paris-based flight comparison site liligo, there was an 11.6% decline in the number of European searches to the United States weeks after the issuance of the travel ban.

Traditionally, it should be peak season for travel to the United States but according to Eric Urbain, US Marketing Director of liligo, there is a clear negative line. A comparison of data from January 1 to February 8 to data from the same period last year, it was revealed that the biggest decline came from Italy with a 17% decrease in the number of searches after the ban while searches from Germany dropped by 14%. Liligo receives more than 500,000 searches a day.

Students and workers who have planned to visit the United States are now thinking twice because of the mass confusion and disorganization at airports across the country. Nicole Brewer, who is a co-founder of iluv2globetrot, an online forum and resource for expats, said that her fellow Americans who are living in the Middle East are worried about going home.

According to US Travel Association, domestic and international tourists spent $947 billion in 2015 when they visited the US. Tourist spending has supported 8.1 million American jobs. According to the Economist, businesses were not spared because travel transactions were down by 3.4% in the week following the travel ban. At least $185 million in bookings were lost and the numbers may increase to billions in lost revenue if the uncertainty continues.

The main concern of travellers is the queue at the airports and the risks of a visa being declined. Experts were expecting a surge of tourists to America but contrary to expectations, tourism declined when it should be on all-time high.

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