Expensive Rehab Not Available To Many

People who are suffering from addiction know that the only way for them to get sober is to seek professional help. There are institutions provided by the government for free but these are mostly packed and for those who can afford Los Angeles best rehab institution they can get the help suitable for their case.

This is the story of a nurse who wished to be referred to as Brian only. He is not in any way against the program he is currently enrolled with but he complained about the huge costs. He is now in a program wherein the main goal is to provide aftercare and to ensure that he does not go back to his alcohol addiction. The problem is that a week’s session puts him back by $457.25.

In his calculation, he will spend $23,777 for a year within the program before he is allowed to graduate from it. He has an insurance that covers a big part of the cost but his weekly bill is still $225.35.

Brian, the nurse, is currently enrolled together with eight other students in the program. Based on the numbers, the rehab is earning $3,658 for an hour of session.

In one of their sessions, Brian talked about the costs with his classmates and they agreed that the fee for their program is actually outrageous. When they confronted the counselor about it, she said that they are paying for the meetings because it is the only way for them to be reinstated as professionals as they need to retrieve their licenses.

It made them feel that they are being blackmailed into paying the high fee in order to get their license back. Aside from the group counseling fee, they are also paying for a one-on-one session with the councilor which cost $246.50 for half an hour. When the councilor requires a urine drug screen, they must pay $150 for each laboratory request.

With the increasing number of people getting into rehab, it is only right that they get the best sessions from Los Angeles best rehab because they will get their money’s worth. At the end of the day, they are paying to get better and to move on to a better chapter of their lives.