Explore The Beautiful Of Islands Of Phuket Through A Speedboat Tour

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Phuket in Thailand is popular all over the world as a tourist destination because of the warm weather all year round, clear skies and beautiful waters. From November to March, many countries in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing signs of winter like shorter daylight hours and low temperatures but in Thailand, people are enjoying warm sunlight.

One of the attractions that you should not miss is the James Bond Island. It was featured in the James Bond film “the Man with the Golden Gun” in 1974, hence, the moniker. The island is always lively with tourists because of the natural wonders that include limestone eroded by waves for thousands of years. A spectacular landscape that looks like a maze in the ocean was created.

Phi Phi islands are a group of islands that can be found in the southwest of Phuket. The largest island where most of the local people reside is called Phi Phi Don. The island boasts of the Monkey Beach that is inhabited by wild monkeys. The animals will not hesitate to climb your legs to get precious bananas.

The second largest island that is famous for its extremely jagged geography is calledKo Phi Phi Le. Maya Bay was also featured in a movie “The Beach” in 1999. Most of the sights in the island that include cliffs and gigantic rock towers are perfect your Instagram posts.

The best way to enjoy the Phi Phi islands is to take a speedboat tour. This will allow you a taste of adventure because you can visit other islands like Khai Island and Bamboo Island for a brief swim.

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