Extensive Roof Repairs On Canada Sports Centre

The Canada Games Centre has only been opened for 7 years and yet the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is already planning to undertake expensive roof repairs. According to documents the centre is suffering from leaking roofs which HRM is now trying to rectify.

After an investigation was conducted by Eagle Project Management on the leaking roof, they released an online tender that showed the areas of the building that have the greatest concerns. The leaks were found on the building’s main pool area, over the centre’s walking track and on the east face of the building’s solarium.

Peter Smith has written on the report that the roof drains that were located on solarium roof A have failed. Based on the thermal scan made, it was revealed that there was water saturation under the membrane at approximately 40 feet by 40 feet. The report also revealed that some parts of the roof were poorly installed while other parts have failed altogether.

Peter Smith also said that at some points the roof repairs will be extensive. The city has estimated that the roof repairs will cost about $50,000. According to Nick Ritcey, spokesperson of HRM, the building has had some periodic leaks for the past two years but it is quite normal for buildings of this size. Ritcey also said that the roof has no deficiency or safety issues.

The Canada Games Centre first broke ground in December 2008 and was fully finished to host the games in 2011. The total construction cost of the building amounted to $45 million. The roof was installed by Flynn Canada and had a warranty that covered two years for labour and five years for materials. Since insurance will not cover the roof repairs, Halifax Regional Municipality has to bear the cost from its own funds.

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