Fierce Wildfire Wiped Out 400 Homes And Establishments In Northern California

At least one person was confirmed dead during a wildfire which has quickly spread over towns in Northern California. Hundreds of houses and business establishments were destroyed leaving thousands of residents homeless. There is no report yet on the details of the fatality.

Officials of the State’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection reported that 400 homes, a couple of apartments and 10 business establishments were ruined by the flames. According to their spokeswoman Lynn Valentine, Middletown and Hidden Valley Lake were mostly damaged. The wildfire didn’t let several houses along the state highway escape the damage.

California’s Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant added that over a thousand structures including storehouses and barns were reduced to ashes.

The destruction happened after another southeast wildfire which damaged 81 houses.

The citizens of Middletown fled from their homes amidst tumbled posts, fallen trees and wafting smoke.

Entire blocks of homes were burned in some areas of the town which had over a thousand inhabitants. The town is only 20 miles from the famous Napa Valley. Homes were burned down to ashes on its west side.

Residents on nearby towns would need ADT Alarm Systems because the wildfire continues to advance. The wind’s speed at over 30 miles every hour makes it difficult for firefighters to control the fire.

Four helicopter squad firefighters had second- degree burn injuries from the first wildfire attack on Saturday afternoon. They are currently recovering in the hospital.

Over six thousand more structures are still threatened by the fire.

This summer’s wild fires are the most dangerous and unpredictable he witnessed on his 3 decades in an emergency response position, according to Mark Ghilarducci, the head of Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.  The dry spell caused by the 4-year drought is the main reason of the quickly expanding fires.

All vegetation is without moisture at all and humidity is so down which triggers mini sparks into conflagrations quickly added Ghilarducci.

Just a couple of months ago, a wildfire also went off in Lake Country. It destroyed 43 houses during its 109 square miles course. While firefighters worked to control the fire, another one started on Lower Lake on the 9th of August and other bigger fires erupted just within that night.