Finding A Cheaper Alternative To Rare Earth Permanent Magnets

It is definitely challenging to choose between Neodymium and Samarium cobalt magnets in Brisbane for your application. Both are permanent magnets but the Samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets have unique capabilities like higher energy density at elevated temperatures. The flux output of SmCo magnets varies much less with temperature so that device performance can be easily optimized.

Decades earlier, scientists were forced to find a replacement for Samarium cobalt magnets because of its rising price. At that time, there was no other option available other then samarium cobalt for a strong magnet. Scientists invented the Neodymium magnet so that they can offer the world a viable alternative.

However, China is the dominant source of rare earth element neodymium. Companies needed the strength and power of Neodymium magnets for automotive, robotics and electronics applications. Neodymium magnets have certainly revolutionized motors because their magnitude is stronger ounce for ounce than barium iron oxide magnets.

Neo-magnets became ingrained in everyday life because they are literally everywhere from jewellery clasps to ear buds, mobile phones to power cords. However, in 2010, relative scarcity as well as economic, geopolitical and environmental factors caused a price hike that made companies worried. After the dust has settled, prices gradually went down although it remained higher than before the spike.

The powerful combination of neodymium and iron is hard to beat but a research team composed of scientists is looking at manganese gallium (MnGa) as a promising magnetic system. High field magnets have never used to gain understanding on the potential for permanent magnets.

On paper, the pairing of manganese and iron looks promising. Manganese is readily available although is not as abundant and cheap as iron. However, when combined with gallium, a permanent magnet can be created. Gallium has the advantage of low melting point that will allow the MnGa magnets to be produced for a cheaper price. Meanwhile, Neo-magnets are still the champions.

Aside from Neodymium magnets, there is another rare earth magnet like Samarium cobalt magnets in Brisbane that can be used for industrial and domestic applications. Rare earth Samarium cobalt magnets are ideal for high temperature applications that require high magnetic performance.