Five Ways To Lure Employees In The Present Business Climate

The modern business arena is experiencing a massive evolution. The usual customs, norms and identities that’s currently being used in the workplace are changing to accommodate more advanced technologies, to integrate fast-paced corporate developments and to equip a new generation of workforce with different values.

If an employer wants the best talent that one can find, they need to be ready to provide more to potential hires. The job hunting market is very competitive, and experienced workers can manage to be picky about their choice of career.

How can employers lure in better talents in the present business environment?

In addition to those traditional perks that include paid sick days, insurance and retirement plans, one might consider adding more to the pot with these items:


Unlimited vacation time

Unlimited vacation sounds ridiculous even decades ago. However, it is lately making progress as a reasonable perk for legitimate work institutions.

Major companies like Netflix has began offering unlimited vacation time having an expectation that employees don’t abuse the privilege.

If a company hired people that are truly passionate about their jobs, they don’t need strict enforcement of how or when vacation days are used.


Work-from-home policy

Though studies aren’t conclusive or complete, there has been scientific evidence which indicates that working from home has higher productivity than doing work from the office. Although this supposition has some weaknesses, offering this kind of perk could be very appealing to some employees that are living from a distance away.

Opportunities for team building activities and mini vacations

An employer could offer the team members occasional time off work or vacation opportunities like a grand team building in Australia or other countries. These are rewarding while creating stronger bonds in the team.


Relaxing office rules and dress code

Office rules and dress code have been loosening constantly since the eighties resulting in less importance to suit-and-tie attire and politics. This sends a message to prospective employees that the company cares more about the people rather than being strict on rules.


Freedom for other pursuits

Offer prospective candidates the ability to go after other activities on company time. Having the company’s approval to pursue other things will make them more loyal in the long run.