Florida A Prime Tourist Destination – The Sunshine, The Exotic Cuisine, And The Palm Trees

To take a break and travel to Florida peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Florida Strait has been every traveler’s dream. To bask and mesmerize America’s longest coastline, approximately 2,170 km, is every tourist’s daydream. Since no part of Florida is distant from the ocean, the climate ranges from subtropical to tropical in the north and south respectively. It is dubbed as “The Sunshine State” for beautiful reasons. They rarely receive snowfall. The word Florida means “Land of Flowers”, and it lived up to its name as there are thousands of different Florida wildflowers. But the beach and gardens are mostly beautifully adorned with Palm trees.

Florida’s culture is a representation of different influences from multiple inheritances; Native American, African American, European, Latino and Hispanic heritages. This is apparent in the state’s cuisine and architecture. The cuisine in Florida is exotic and diverse, as diverse as the communities there, strongly influenced by the Latin Americas and the Caribbean. The long traced history of immigration of people in nearby countries has created a fusion of cuisine and cultures, particularly the Bahamas and Cuba. Despite other influences, a fusion of cuisines in Florida is generally called Floribbean cuisine. Florida is big, it spans two time zones. And the cuisine in each area varies greatly, so to take a break and travel to Florida gives your palate an adventure. The northern area features barbecue, grits, Creoles, and Cajuns. The southern area is densely populated by immigrants so it features diversified exotic flavors.

The warm climate makes much tropical produce to thrive, including mangoes and coconuts. Being the largest citrus source in America, these are incorporated to make many of their cuisine, such as ceviche, seafood cooked only in citrus juice. Needless to say, seafood is bountiful in this state. Floribbean cuisine is typically spicy, mostly from its Caribbean influence, but are fused with the sweetness from tropical and citrus fruits, like salsas or sweet citrus marinades. They give emphasis as well on fresh ingredients to use in a complex mixture of spices, where milder flavors get offset by the stronger ones. This makes the Floribbean cuisine known as a cuisine of new era innovative cooking in the United States.