Former Property Of Versace Now One Of Miami Beach’s Luxury Accommodations

If you are one of the people intrigued by the murder case involving Gianni Versace, you might be interested to know that the late fashion designer used to have a mansion located in South Beach, Miami. It is not your regular mansion because the tiles for swimming pool are embedded with gold

It is considered a tourists hot spot because this is where Versace was killed in 1997 by Andrew Cunanan, a serial killer, by gunshot. Aside from the story of Versace’s murder, the mansion with Mediterranean theme holds a lot of beauty and promise.

The former mansion of the well-known fashion designer is now called The Villa Casa Casuarina and it has been transformed into a boutique hotel. A decade has passed since Versace’s killing but the structure still reveals the lavish lifestyle of the designer when it was still alive.

Guests of the hotel have the opportunity to swim in the pool with tiles made of 24 karat gold. The beds are double-king-sized and the sheets have to custom-sized. The mansion also boasts a rooftop observatory where the guests can have a view of the ocean and a gourmet restaurant is serving right from the dining room of Versace.

Versace is the one who made the designs of the frescos as well as the mosaics which features Medusa’s head with snakes as her hair. According to the general manager of the hotel, Chauncey Copeland, there is a resident artist responsible for maintaining these designs.

Copeland added that they tried to preserve Versace’s mansion as much as possible but they added modern touches in order to make sure that the guests and the restaurant patrons are as comfortable as possible.

It was in 1992 when Versace bought the property with three-storey and he spent $33 million for the renovations. After Versace’s passing, the property was sold by his family to Victor Hotels group through an auction where it was priced at $41.5 million.

Many guests are hoping to sleep in the room of the artist because it speaks a lot about his work. It is not every day that guests can see tiles for swimming pool which are made of 24 karat gold.