Fun Offered By Sydney-Based Businesses

A new business that offers indoor play area for kids in Sydney is expected to welcome customers next month but the hype with parents is already starting as early as now. It is also expected from these new facilities that they will be the target of event hire in Sydney especially those who are organizing birthday parties for young children.

According to the owner of The Play Palace, Rebecca Barrington, the place has already closed 15 bookings for birthday parties. The new indoor playground can be found at Southend Community Centre located on George, Street on Sydney.

Ms. Barrington is a native of Guelph, Ontario but she decided to relocate to Cape Breton along with her husband and their son. The move happened five years ago. She happily revealed that the bookings are scheduled for the coming summer.

She explained that she is happy with the fact that parents are early booking though they have no idea yet what the facility is going to offer or how it will turn out. They decided to open up the business because they thought there is something lacking in the current market.

The early bookings are not the only indication that there is quite hype with the new business.

On their Facebook page, the first post they have was a promotion for people to like and share their business but as of writing, it has already been viewed over 39,000 times.

Barrington said that it is important for the equipment to be cool and updated but what they really want to offer is a place where parents and guardians will be able to visit and relax as they socialize with one another. Their comfort is also of importance to the business. They are hoping that they can make new friends and meet new people through the facility.

Barrington is a full-time mother to her now fiver year old son and the concept came to her one day. Early this year, she started to create her business plan and everything fell into place after that. It will surely be a hit to event hire in Sydney as the place offer a sitting area for parents, a canteen and free Wi-Fi.