Hazardous Asbestos Materials Detected In Istanbul Buildings

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The World Health Organization requires checking for asbestos is seven Istanbul districts before a demolition is undertaken. According to Cevahir Efe Akcelik, environmental engineer of Union Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, data from the 7 municipalities reveal that asbestos materials are present in 25% of buildings.

Before a building is demolished, samples must be taken for analysis. If asbestos is detected, it should be removed according to related provisions before demolition. In Istanbul’s districts of Besiktas, Sisli, Maltepe, Tuzla, Bagcilar, Kadikoy and Atasehir, an Asbestos Inventory Report must be presented to the municipality before a demolition permit will be issued.

Based on the data gathered, asbestos was found in 385 of the 1,594 demolished buildings in 6 districts. After asbestos has been detected, tons of hazardous waste was disposed through authorized companies.

In 2010, Turkey has banned the use of asbestos but the material continued to be used in building construction. Asbestos can still be found in insulation materials, cement products, coating materials, tile adhesives, roofing materials, plasters, pipes and acoustical ceiling systems.

Asbestos detection and removal in a building can take a week at the most and will cost about 2,000 Turkish liras. After asbestos has been detected through a laboratory analysis of the sample, a security zone will be set up around the building. Removal experts will wear personal protection equipment when packing asbestos materials. The packages will be taken to the proper facilities for disposal.

Most asbestos removal companies can found in Istanbul and other big cities. Very few are found in the countryside.

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