Here’s What Makes A Good Feng Shui Bed

You probably heard of feng shui before. You may have come across it while watching a movie, going to the library, passing by an antique store. To put it simply, feng shui is the art and science of reading the flow of energy in a given space and using those readings to determine proper item placement that would greatly help in harboring good fortune and health in the home.

Inside the home, the bed is one of the most important objects in feng shui and its placement inside a bedroom could greatly affect the energy flow of the entire household. Now why is the bed given such importance? Well, this is because out of all the household items, the bed is the biggest connection to you as it is intimately connected with your personal energy. The feng shui of your bed can have great effects on your health, well-being and even your relationships. Now, knowing this, you may probably want to make sure that your bed has good feng shui but how are you going to make that happen?

Here’s what makes a good feng shui bed.

  1. A Good Headboard. Now, as your eyes close and you begin to slumber, your body would immediately start working on regenerating and recovering the energy that you had exhausted throughout the day. In a subconscious level, your head would need good support and protection, one that can be provided by a good headboard. The best headboards are those that are made of wood and ones that are upholstered because they allow solid but gentle energy flow. The worst ones are the metal headboards because they resemble prison beds.
  2. A Good Mattress. Mattresses play a great role with the quality of sleep that a person gets. Never ever buy a used mattress because you can never be too sure about the energy of the previous owner that had been absorbed by the mattress.
  3. A Good Height. For a balanced feng shui energy flow, your bed would need to have a reasonable height above the floor. This is important to the flow of Chi, or the universal energy, and let it circulate under your bed.

So before you go to a bedroom furniture Perth store, make sure you are aware of the things that make for good feng shui, whether you are a believer or not.