High-Paying Jobs For Singaporeans Looking To Make Extra

For the Singaporeans throughout the country looking for extra income through part-time jobs, most tend to be unappealing due to the lack of a minimum wage in the country leading to low pay.

However, there are some part-time jobs in the country that pay well, without necessitating an additional degree, though some tuition agency Singapore do recommend you get one.

  • Tourist guide
    • There are tourists throughout Singapore who are willing to spend several hundred dollars for a tour of the country’s sights. Naturally, there are freelancers who take know of this fact, providing tours to tourists, with the freelancers who earn the highest picking their clients up in a vehicle and provide a tour with a detailed itinerary. For those looking to make money on the tourist scene, a 6-month course run by the Singapore Tourism Board, and pass all the necessary exams for their General Tourist Guide License. Guides earn anywhere from US$200, up to US$430.
  • Private tutor
    • The Singapore tuition industry is quite big, with a combined value surpassing $1 billion, so it’s no surprise that a lot of tuition agency Singapore do their best to stand out. For those looking for extra pay, tuition is a good way to go about, with tutors charging high hourly rates, with degree holders earning $40/hr to $50/hr teaching upper secondary students, with tutors for JC students or students in the final two years of a 6-year program earning about $20/hr more. For the MOE-trained tutors, they earn about an additional 30%.
  • Web designer
    • Simple web design is another good income source, with basic five-page websites able to be completed within a day’s time, with designers charging around $1,000 for even the simplest projects. For those looking to pursue this route, web design demands a bit of time for prior practice before one can ply the trade, though some online tutorials allow Singaporeans to learn quickly.
  • Emcee
    • Emcees, the one that host corporate and private events, such as weddings earn quite a bit hosting these events, charging anywhere from $500 to the several thousands to host events, depending on the event’s size and duration. For those hoping to make money as an emcee, registering to an agency is a necessary. Hosting workshops are also available for those looking for training.