Home Maintenance Tips Before Winter Comes

The weather is still warm but it makes sense to start with home maintenance before the onset of winter. Experts have provided several tips to homeowners to ensure that the home is in good shape before the rough weather.

Keeping the exterior in tip top shape

  • Check the home’s foundation for cracks; seal them properly to prevent cold drafts from entering the living space. Cracks in the foundation or those near windows can be the entry point of rodents.
  • The roof must always be checked for problems before winter arrives. If there are loose shingles, necessary repairs must be made prior to autumn storms.
  • While you are on the roof, it is very likely that the gutters need cleaning to ensure optimum drainage. If dried leaves, branches and bird nests are not removed, the gutters will be blocked and the home can sustain water damages.
  • Now is as a good a time to replace doors and windows screens with storm windows. You can also weather strip the doors and windows to stop cool air from seeping indoors.
  • Decaying limbs and branches can be dangerous when loaded with ice and snow. Remove them before they fall on your car.

Ensuring the safety and efficiency indoors

  • Before you turn the heat for the first time, check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors whether the batteries need replacement.
  • Schedule a furnace inspection to catch any problems because they can worsen during a cold snap. Furnace repairs will be difficult and expensive during winter.
  • Improve your attic and wall insulation to prevent a cold draft that can force the furnace to work overtime. Proper insulation will help you save from heating costs.
  • Freshen up the quilts and blankets you have stored in preparation for winter.

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