How A Market Was Created For Century-Old Reclaimed Wood

It is very easy to transform the ambiance of your home through feature walls in Brisbane that combine affordable luxury with sustainability. The feature walls are considered sustainable because they are crafted from century old reclaimed timbers. The result is a pleasing combination of natural, rustic and modern appeal.

When Daniel Chase started RE.dwellLLC, a niche furniture business, it was more of a necessity because there was always an abundant amount of leftover lumber. When Daniel was still a graduate student of architecture at Ball State University, he helped tear down old buildings during summer. They were able to salvage everything except the roofing and plaster. Wood items were shipped to flooring manufacturers to be reused.

There were lots of leftover lumber and Chase started to build furniture. After graduation, Daniel faced anunfavorable market for architects so that he was stuck with using reclaimed wood for furniture. Consumer demand for that style of furniture was quite high then.

Daniel built furniture for family and friends until reclaimed wood became very popular. People loved the furniture that were made from reclaimed wood sources like oak, ample, beech and other hardwoods from Michigan. He found the old wood from buildings, factories and farms and manufactured them into office furniture ranging from 20-foot conference tables to bar stools, reception desks, coffee tables and dining tables.

The most common source for reclaimed wood was West Michigan but Daniel picked up wood from as far away as Traverse City. People started to be interested in old barn wood and soon the market for reclaimed wood furniture gained popularity. Daniel kept his designs simple and contemporary because trends usually come and go.

Daniel tries to keep his designs timeless so that the business will survive the rustic reclaimed wood trend. Aside from the furniture sector, reclaimed wood is now finding its way to feature walls.

The tiles made from century old reclaimed wood are used to create feature walls in Brisbane to highlight residential living areas. Reclaimed wood is the perfect option when a homeowner wants to achieve a sophisticated and elegant impact. The product is not only more affordable but eco-friendly and sustainable.