How Industry Leaders Gain Design Inspiration For Boutique Hotels

A number of hotels focus on the way their establishments are designed. With the apparent growth in boutique hotels that offers something fresh and unique when it comes to design, the hospitality industry is now making the effort to create a first impression that will be very lasting. One of the selling points of a hotel is design; it also gets the best reviews from consumers.

One of the exciting things about boutique hotels is its ability to gain design inspiration from music, fashion and cuisine including anything it can harness to add character to the hotel’s offering. When a group of luminaries gathered for the BLLA Boutique Hotel Investment Conference, each of them had a different story and a different approach which they brought to the lifestyle hotel sphere.

According to David Bowd, principal of West Elm Hotels, he wanted hotel guests to feel the uniqueness of the space, not just a showroom. Their focus is customer experience and relationship with the local area. He suggested the concept of replacing the traditional title of hotel manager with innkeeper.

Meanwhile, Tony Kurz, CEO of Brandmark Collective, said that the Karl Lagerfield hotel is not only about design but a combination of different elements inspired by the DNA of his fashion brand. Kurz also said that his association with a well known fashion brand has given him the opportunity to hit the consumer press on a much larger marketing scale. Their present focus is on a new initiative that is currently under wraps that would shake up the hospitality industry.

On the other hand, Christopher Norton, CEO of Equinox Hotels, said that their Equinox chain was inspired by millennials who have a different definition of luxury. They define luxury by how they make people feel and not in terms of white glove service.

In design hotel in Sukhumvit, a hotel experience is enhanced with the breathtaking views of Bangkok’s cityscape. A guest can escape the crowded restaurants and bars and find a more intimate atmosphere at the coolest rooftop bar Bangkok can offer. If the guest has something to celebrate, fine dining is offered with a selection of international menu and Thai cuisine.