How To Choose Healthy Thailand Orchids For Sale

You don’t have to be a florist or a flower expert to buy a healthy set of Thailand orchids for sale. With a few tips, you can take home with you a nice set of orchids that would delight a loved one or accentuate a centrepiece at home. Here are some tips.

Check the roots

One of the first things that you should check from an orchid is its roots. It should be firm and plump to the touch and has green or white colour. Avoid orchids with mushy or brown roots as it indicates overwatering. Take the grower pot from the decorative pot to better inspect the roots.

Leaves should be bright green

Another indication of healthy Thailand orchids for sale is its leaves. The leaves should be bright green although it is normal to have yellowing leaves beneath the green ones since leaves eventually age, turn yellow and die naturally. However, if all the leaves are yellow, this could be a sign that the orchid is deprived of water or is watered heavily. Inspect the leaves thoroughly. If you see yellow spots, this is a sign of pest or insect consumption. Check for cobwebs beneath the leaves.

Inspect the blooms

The blooms will tell you so much about the exact health condition of the orchids. The flowers should be firmly attached to the stem and they should be plump and healthy looking. It would be better if the orchid has extra buds growing as this could mean extra flowers for you. The flowers should also have bright, lively colour to indicate good health.

Strength of stems

Before you decide on buying Thailand orchids for sale, check the stems or its spikes as they are good indicators of healthy orchids. They should be able to withstand the weight of the flowers which could be heavy especially when there are numerous blooms. The stem should stand tall and should not be bending. A good set of orchids should also have a healthy smell and should not emit a foul smell as it could be a sign of rotting.